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We are currently supporting four Missions endeavours in various parts of the world.

 Prison Ministry
Jack & Carol Lavalee


are Canadian’s called to serve in the United States and Mexico. They have a jail and prison ministry based in San Antonio Texas, directing two Faith Base Initiative Programs (God Pods) reaching incarcerated men and women with the gospel bringing freedom within their captivity.
The heart of Jack and Carol’s ministry is their consuming passion for the lost. As Directors of two Faith Base Initiative Programs within the prisons their emphasis is on discipleship, love and the forgiveness of God.

Their objectives are to reconstruct broken lives, society’s castaways who were once bent on destruction into godly vessels to be use for the Kingdom of God. Over the years countless numbers have come to Christ through their teaching and counseling ministry, which extends beyond the wire to their families and friends in the free world, with many of them coming to Christ.
The ministry of reconciliation has lead many into full time ministry inside and outside of prison, all to the glory of God. The need and importance for this vital ministry is based directly from the heart and lips of Jesus (Matthew 25:40) “as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me”. Over the last 20 years this ministry has taken them into prisons around the world.

Home Church: Calvary Community Church, Windsor, Ontario, Canadaand Jubilee Outreach, San Antonio, Texas

 Paris MissionsPeter & Patricia Dewit


History: The DeWits spent 10 yrs church planting in Quebec, 22 years in overseas missions in Thailand. Now they want to serve the leaders of Paris, connecting with them, learning from them as they build Gospel movements that help their city write a better story.

Ministry Focus
1. Discipleship: This includes customized short-term residency programs, internships and experiential learning adventures in the urban setting of Paris.

2. Growing a faith-based community birthed organically from friendships and partnerships with neighbors, local groups, organizations, not necessarily within the already-existing churches, but definitely on Gospel mission to serve the city.

3. Teams: Leading and coordinating teams on intercontinental mission trips between Canada, France and Thailand.
 Prison MinistryClaude & Carol Rivest


Claude & Carol have been going into Mexico since 1999 and found the people to be very open to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  They started out helping the needy with food, clothing, shelter and other items necessary for daily living. Many poor live in shanties made of pallet wood with large spaces between the boards. Not very warm in the cold weather.

Their main goal is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved so they minister to the people through using gospel tracts, explaining how they can be saved and how their lives can change for the better.  After much prayer, they were given the idea of using the Jesus film produced by Campus Crusade.  They purchased equipment such as a generator and sound system, lights, tables, a projector etc. and made 6' by 8' screen.

They always us this outdoors in parks, playgrounds, streets and vacant lots.  Whenever space is found the people in the area are invited to see a free film in the evening. After the film the Rivests share the message of salvation and many respond to be saved.  Free bibles are given to those who respond and they are encouraged to find a good bible teaching church near their home.


Joe Amaral
Joe Amaral

Israel MissionsClyde Williamson

Israel - First Century Foundations

The Purpose

of First Century Foundations is to turn the hearts of believers around the world toward the land and people of Israel. We are characterized by prayer, education and integrity, and we provide teachinng, media and support to Israel and the believers. Our desire is for Christians to better understand the Hebraic roots of their faith as they come together in prayer and support of Israel.

Joe Amaral - founder and director
I began to see Jesus from a Hebrew perspective and not from my usual North American point of view. When I got home, I began to gather every bit of material that I could get my hands on. I spoke with and learned from every Rabbi who would teach me. First Century, Hebrew culture became fascinating to me. I don't think Karen had ever seen me read so much—I read more than I had even read in Bible College! My eyes became opened to a whole new way of thinking about the Messiah—the Saviour who has a very timely plan for this earth; the One I choose to serve with all my heart for the rest of my days.

Clyde Williamson - father in-law of Joe
Having visited some 600-plus churches across Canada in the past 23 years, I have been able to share the amazing story of the growth and development of the Body of Christ, our Messiah, in Israel as well as seeing prayer groups established for ongoing intercession for Israel. The heart of this ministry has been the call to preach the Gospel with special emphasis on calling the saints to a personal devotional walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as I teach believers how to walk with the Lord through the Tabernacle from the Outer Court to the Holy of Holies.